Peel-off is your solution for easy and one time clean windows. Applied on protective film of window glass and frame, “Peel-off” removes the protective film with ease and protects everybody’s interests, whether it is the window manufacturer, construction supplier or contractor. Most importantly you get perfect, clean windows every time when construction is done.

This economic spray coating is used for removal of plastic protection film for glass and composit panels within the building industry with ease and scratch free.

Cleaning up and peeling without the correct chemical is a job hassle, taking up valuable time and labor. Even worse as wrong chemical used means using razor blades and will likely to damaged glass which must be reordered and replaced. Peel-off can solve this job-site dilemma.

Peel-off saves you time, money and a lot of hassle. Without Peel-off, glass generally requires at least two heavy-duty cleanings before a job is finished. A recent market research study.

Removes protective window film and also adhesive residues, stickers, decals and double-sided adhesive tape.

No damage to glass.

Fast working speed and removal with cleaning effect/single application.

Use less due to super wetting technology Conforms to the EU Chemicals Regulation (REACH) TUV Quality – German Formulation.