CELLEX - Professional Hand Cleaner​

CELLEX is a premium moisturizing hand cream cleaner. Rich in nano-technology derived active ingredient. Leave your skin soft & protect the environment. Gently clean and protect.

The best way to remove oil, grease, ink, tar, etc. from your hands is to dispense CELLEX® into the palm of your dry hand and rub your hands together until liquefies. Ideal for multiple cleaning daily and leaves your hand cleaned and moisturised.

j® formulated with or without Dissolving Scrubs™, specially developed for professionals to help remove dirt and grime without harm to the skin. The scrubs unique polymeric system dissolves upon use leaving hands feeling smoother, ensuring quick, deep and gentle cleaning off the toughest dirt. This advanced formulation makes hand cleaning most efficient because the hand cleaner has a high wetting capability which spreads better on hands — requiring less product to do the job right!