AIREX - Coil Cleaners & Treatments

Over time, environmental conditions can cause the coil surface to oxidise and deteriorate. Dirt, dust, salt spray and other organic particles can build up together with mould, fungi and bacteria forming a biofilm around the air conditioner’s coil.

This accumulated dirt or biofilm reduces airflow and prevents the heat exchanger from working effectively. This can increase running costs as more energy is consumed during the heating and cooling cycle.

Enzyme anti-microbial technology for safe and effective removal of contaminants. Treatment provides months of residual protection to control, prevent and inhibit mould, fungi and odour causing bacteria. Excellent corrosion protection properties. Better heat exchanger performance – improves comfort and reduces running cost.


Enzyme designed to meet cleaning & environmental demands

In addition, the biological contaminants may enter the recirculated air can affect indoor air quality and potentially result in occupant health issues

AIREX is technologically designed to safely and effectively clean contaminants from coils and surfaces as well as protecting it from recontamination from biofilm build-up ensuring more efficient heat exchange.

This results in: 

  • Better heat exchanger performance 
  • Improved energy efficiency and lower running costs
  • Improved indoor air quality

AIREX is an enzyme anti-microbial cleaner for safe and effective removal of contaminants.


AIREX Cleaners use patented antimicrobial multi-enzyme technology to break down and digest the biofilm and other contaminants. This is easily removed using high pressure water cleaners.


AIREX is formulated to create a biostatic protective coating on the surface. This provides months of residual protection to control, inhibit mould, fungi and odour causing bacteria. Ideal as part of an annual maintenance program.


Cleaner coils and surfaces result in improved air flow and more efficient heat exchange during the heating and cooling cycle. Not only does this mean lower running costs, it also delivers cleaner, healthier air and improved indoor comfort.