Osdec International Sdn Bhd

OSDEC INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD started with research for an effective solution to oil spill problems which is a major environmental problem today. Our research and development team has come up with effective, non-toxic, quality environmentally products. We are constantly working on better and safer products for the environment. We had since expanded our business to 3 distinct categories along with our main objective of environmental compatibility solutions

We are committed to conserve natural resources, restore environmental quality and consumer safety through:

• Selection of natural bio-degradable raw materials

• High content of active ingredients to minimize packaging

• Using recyclable packaging materials


All our cleaning solution are based on the notion of effective, biodegradable and nontoxic in all cleaning product we choose to offer either for Industry, Building services, F&B outlets and other related cleaning solutions


Our focus product is derived from sustainable and natural source which are safe to farmers, consumers and the environment which results of an agricultural produce which are organic and free from harmful chemicals


Our ACTIVEX® Anti-Fungal Treatment Program for pets are formulated to deep cleanse the skin and coat to stop infections while gentle to the skin epidermis.

Osdec International Sdn Bhd

The Management is led by managers with field experience in environmental services, water and waste treatment, shipping, oil and gas, logistics and project management. The chemist responsible for production and quality assurances for all of the company’s products. 

Our research is supported by an experienced and talented pool of multi-award winning researchers headed by:

Dr. Hoi Why Kong

B.Sc (Hons) in Physics: University of Malaysia

Awarded M. Sc. in Applied Sciences: 

University of Malaysia

Awarded Ph. D in Chemical Engineering on gasification of biomass: Aston University

Awarded 11 National awards for science and technological innovation

Dr. Koh Mok Poh

Ph. D Macromolecular Chemistry : 

University of Maine, Le Mans, France

Felicia Choo

B. Sc (Hons) & Education, major in Chemistry – University of Science Malaysia