Complete Cleaning Solutions for Industry

Agricultural Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our Commitment: Keeping it clean and keeping it green

Complete Solutions For Industry

OSDEC began with a mission to find effective solutions to oil spill problems, which is a major environmental problem today. Through our research and development, we have developed non-toxic, high-quality environmentally friendly oil spill products.

OSDEC provides a COMPLETE industrial cleaning and lubricating solutions for a broad range of industries specializing in oil spill containment, total clean ups, and industrial chain lubrication.

We are constantly innovating to create better and safer products for the environment.

Discover our range of eco-friendly products designed to solve environmental challenges effectively and sustainably.

Construction Building Cleaning Solutions

Construction & Building Cleaning Solutions

Osdec has been a trusted name in Malaysia for helping with building and construction cleaning needs. Enjoy the benefits of effective, biodegradable solutions to achieve unparalleled cleanliness in your building and construction projects.
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

Osdec has been providing commercial kitchen cleaning solutions for some of the restaurants in Malaysia for efficient cleaning, which is ideal for the toughest kitchen messes, from oil and grease buildup to food spills in all F&B kitchens.

Heavy Industry Cleaning Solutions

Heavy Industry Cleaning Solutions

Osdec has been providing industrial-strength cleaning solutions to heavy industries in automotive, marine, construction, and manufacturing. Let’s learn how to effortlessly cut through grease and tough residues to keep your heavy machinery and automotive equipment spotless.

Osdec Agricultural Products

Our Agricultural Products

Developed for the agricultural environment, our leading branded product, Mokusaku, is scientific in maximizing plant health. Sourced from sustainable natural origins, Mokusaku provides human and eco-friendly solutions. This, therefore, results in organic agricultural produce that is completely devoid of dangerous chemicals, further promoting a sounder ecosystem.

Our Pets Care Products

Our ACTIVEX® Anti-Fungal Treatment Program for pets are formulated to deep cleanse the skin and coat to stop infections while gentle to the skin epidermis.

About Osdec

“Founded by people who believe in investing for good by creating products to continually improve environmental performance by keeping it clean and keeping it green.”
~Dr. Hoi Why Kong

“Recognizing the global need to reduce carbon emissions, Osdec innovates high-concentration products that can be multiplied five times by adding water, thereby reducing a product’s impact across the supply chain. This approach minimizes resources for transportation, handling, storage, packaging, and disposal.”
~ Dr. Koh Mok Poh

“Taking care of the environment is what we do. We incorporate environmental considerations delivering innovation and efficiency. We limit impacts on air, land and water. To conserve resources and reclaim impacts.”
~ Mr. Jimmy Kok

Osdec Commitment

We are committed to conserving natural resources, restoring environmental quality, and ensuring consumer safety by:

Manufactured from natural bio-degradable raw ingredients

Utilizing high content of active ingredients to minimize packaging

Using recyclable packaging materials